Buzzed Bee Meadery, Inc.

Buzzed Bee Meadery is Iowa's first Meadery focused exclusively on the production of Mead also known as honey-wine. Located in rural Marshall County we have a small tasting room where you can taste a variety of meads. Buzzed Bee Meadery opened in September of 2016. Husband and wife team, Wayne and Michelle Spohnheimer, started as hobby level beekeepers. As the hobby interest quickly grew they decided to take the leap into commercial mead making. Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from honey. It ranges in sweetness level and we use a variety of fruits and spices to create unique flavor combinations such as Blackberry Ginger and Jalapeno. As a small producer our meads are constantly changing as we explore new varieties. We work with other small farm producers to acquire local ingredients whenever possible. For open hours visit Join us for a tasting and discover Mead, Cheers!

Photo of some of the mead avaialble

1755 340th Street
Melbourne, IA 50162
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Cash Accepted, Check Accepted, Credit Card Accepted, Restrooms, Handicap Access, Motorcoach/Bus Access, Retail/Gift Shop, Other