Clair Nuit Vineyard and Farm

This old fashioned farm has a small commercial vineyard, a small organic vineyard which is "patrolled" for weeds and pests by a troop of Rhode Island Reds, a working barn, a small grass-fed beef operations, a mini orchard which squeezes out 60-100 gallons of cider (some hard) each year. There is a large hill in the center of the farm which offers a tremendous view of the surrounding area. One can see perhaps 200 wind generators in the distance in every direction. A silo with a circular stairway to a lookout at the top is on a level with the 2nd highest point in Iowa, Pilot Knob State Park, seen in the distance. We allow camping on the hill, water only available, and we are in the center of one of the best pheasant hunting areas of the state and generally allow one to visit and just look around. This is really not so much a business for tourists, but we might take a bribe in exchange for a bottle of homemade wine, or just sip one on the deck with us!

We are interested in vacation swaps with New Yorkers or Parisians. We have hosted folks from Paris and have pointed them to a good visit of the Midwest including local dirt stock car tracks and other local oddities!

2695 Quail Ave
Garner, IA 50438
Hours of Operation: 
Open year-round with regular business hours