Bass Farms LLC

Bass Farms LLCThe farm life! Our family loves it and wants to share it with you! Our owner, Chris Bass, grew up on a traditional Iowa farm. Corn and beans as far as the eye could see! After completing two undergrad degrees at Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, he decided to make a positive impact on the community by farming chemical-free vegetables and herbs. In part, he started farming vegetables because of his health, as he was overweight nearly a third of his life. The land keeps him constantly active, and he has all the vegetables at his fingertips! That was in 2008, when Bass Family Farms was established. Since then, the farm has grown year after year. It is inclusive of not only whole foods, but also a more comprehensive healthy lifestyle for the community. Healthful living includes interrupting the repetition of everyday life. It's about escaping from the work stressors and life, stepping away from technology and spending time in the fresh country air. Our farm inside and out, helps satisfy that need, that hunger, for creating an authentic experience and connection with the outdoors. We welcome you with open arms to our farm and hope you are able to catch some memories along the way!

840 Bass Lane
Mount Vernon, IA 52314
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Cash Accepted, Check Accepted, Credit Card Accepted, Restrooms, Handicap Access, Motorcoach/Bus Access, Group Tours, Fun on the farm, Retail/Gift Shop