C & M Acres

Welcome to C&M Acres. C&M Acres is a 20+ acre alpaca farm. While our farm is located in central Iowa close to the main I-35 and I-80 interstate corridors crossing the state, we appreciate a very rural setting. We invite you to take a peek at the lifestyle that is working and living with alpacas.

Our intent is to raise quality, healthy animals. Our view is that anyone coming to our farm or website should be able to find out everything we know about the animals. We want to help educate new and interested people on what alpacas are, what they can do, and what it takes to raise them. We are working with the fiber ourselves so we can also show people the complete cycle from animal to fleece. As accountants, we can also help people with their financial aspect and business plans. We believe in sharing our knowledge so that others can avoid pitfalls we may have made but also get ahead in the learning curve that much faster.

Come see us and our animals. We welcome farm visits by everyone.

33707 663rd Ave
Maxwell, IA 50161
Hours of Operation: 
Open year-round by appointment only
Adventure Type: 
Group Tours