Colony Pumpkin Patch Featured By Google

May 13, 2019

One business from each state highlighted in annual Economic Impact Report

NORTH LIBERTY, IOWA - Google’s annual Economic Impact Report features one business from 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. In their 2018 report, released today, the featured Iowa business is North Liberty's Colony Pumpkin Patch.

Wife-and-husband duo Katie and Dean Colony transformed their traditional farm into a pumpkin patch in 2005 to attract more visitors during the summer and fall seasons, but they knew they would need digital assistance to make this transition a success.

Tractor at Colony Pumpkin PatchKatie quickly realized that going digital was the key to getting noticed by tourists and locals alike. “I knew from the beginning that we needed to go digital because people get their information online, so I made a website,” Katie said. Soon after, Rob Miller, a marketing specialist, joined the team to help grow the business’ online presence with budget-friendly, easy-to-use products.

To boost awareness for Colony Pumpkin Patch and ensure people can easily find it on Google Search and Maps, the team uses Google My Business. “Increasing our visibility on Maps is especially important for us because farms are not easy things to just stumble upon,” Miller said. Katie stirs up more interest for Colony Pumpkin Patch by showcasing event photos on the business listing and using it to update potential visitors in real time. “It’s great to be able to quickly and easily update our hours on Google when we have bad weather,” Katie said. Colony Pumpkin Patch also uses Google Ads to reach potential visitors and ensure the farm stands out in a competitive seasonal market.

Today, about 70% of the business’ ad spend goes to digital. The team has generated thousands of online impressions since using Google tools, and they are passionate about paying their success forward. “Our family has been in this community for many years, so we want to continue to support it as it grows by helping families make memories,” Katie said. The duo is offering donations to nonprofit organizations and other worthy causes. The Colony Pumpkin Patch team hopes to become a year-round business in the future. “One of our biggest goals is expanding into other seasons, including the spring, summer, and holiday season,” Katie said. “Google is going to play a huge role in how we stay organized and getting the word out as we bring our ideas to life.”

Today, Google announced that 7,100 Iowa businesses, publishers and nonprofits used Google search and advertising tools to connect with the people and communities they serve - generating $1.04 billion in economic activity. By using Google products, businesses increased their online presence and were able to grow, bringing more money and jobs into the local economy. This is the tenth year Google has released its Economic Impact Report.

“For American small businesses, the web is the most powerful tool to attract new customers and retain existing ones,” said Mary Ellen Coe, President of Google Marketing Solutions. “Last year, our search and advertising tools helped generate billions of dollars in economic activity for millions of businesses. And we look forward to working with Iowa business, nonprofits and publishers to help them grow."

Later in May, Katie, Dean, and Rob will visit the Google headquarters, Googleplex, in Mountain View, CA for a three-day conference for small businesses featured in the report.

Colony Pumpkin Patch will open for business again August 24, 2019—extending their season to include three weekends of sunflower blooms and family activities before opening for pumpkin sales in mid-September.

The complete report, including methodology, can be found and downloaded HERE.

Primary Contact: Katie Colony | 319-430-5672

Secondary Contact: Rob Miller | 319-573-0249