Employment Regulations

Child Labor

Iowa has restrictions in place for working children age 17 and younger. Visit the Division of Labor Services website to learn about these restrictions, excemptions and to apply for a Child Labor Permit. 

Child Labor - The Division of Labor Services


Occupational Safety and Health

Businesses employing 11 or more employees must maintain records in accordance with OSHA.

Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Enforcement 
Division of Labor Services 

Phone 515-242-5870


Unemployment Insurance

Iowa Workforce Development has an Unemployment Insurance Handbook for Employees that covers the Iowa Unemployment Insurance Program and taxing information.

Unemployment Insurance Handbook for Employees - Iowa Workforce Development



Iowa's minimum wage rate is $7.25, the same as the Federal minimum wage rate.

Minimum Wage Law 

The federal Internal Revenue Service requires employers to deduct and withhold taxes on wages paid to employees.

Income Tax Withholding 


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Employers in Iowa must provide wage loss and medical benefits to employees injured while working. 

Division of Workers’ Compensation - Iowa Workforce Development