Expanding Your Business’s Brand

February 6, 2018

Branding is a key component of a business’s recognition and reputation. The use of names, symbols and designs can help customers and clients identify your company’s products and services. Branding can build an expectation about a company’s products and can encourage the company to maintain or exceed that expectation, thus, bringing better products and services into the market place.

Expanding your brand is an essential marketing strategy to improve your business’s success and status. There are several marketing activities that you can establish, enhance or maintain to advance your overall branding outlook.

Create/Update Marketing Materials

There are several forms of marketing collateral that a business can utilize to distribute their brand. One of the most popular and most important forms are business cards. They provide contact information to clients and customers. Create or update your business card so that it is informative and memorable. Business brochures are also a significant form of marketing material. They provide accurate information about products and services, and usually have descriptive images or business logos. Lastly, expand your marketing material on the web by creating and updating a digital version of your materials on your website. This allows access to information without having to have a hard copy.

Expand Advertising

Increase your brand recognition through advertisements including radio, newspaper ads, billboards, car stickers, TV commercials and even social media ads. The different products and services you provide depend on your target audience and what they will use.

Branding through Social Media

Social Media is one of the fastest and yet cheapest ways to inform the public about your products. Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can inform and inspire your customers about your products and potentially bring in new customers. Social Media can help enhance your business’s recognition by reaching the most audiences with the least amount of money and time spent.

Branding through Relationships

A business’s reputation is a key component to their success. There are multiple ways a business can improve or exceed their current reputation. Providing customers with satisfaction surveys, planning promotions and coupons, and locally sponsoring community activities are all ways to expand your brand through relationships.

Expanding your brand is an ongoing process. You must continue to monitor your business’s marketing strategy, and be willing to update and change as your target’s needs and wants change. Your brand symbolizes what you and your business stands for; always remember to be vigilant to process and change to keep your brand up to date. 


- Kelsey Pretz, Communications Intern