How to Use Facebook Effectively to Improve Your Business

November 15, 2017

Google is primarily the first place people look to find information about a business or company. One of the first links to appear is the Facebook page. Facebook is the primary social media platform that is used to promote a business, so it is important to keep your information up-to-date. Here are five tips to help you maintain the performance of your Facebook page.

The first step when creating a Facebook page for your business is to create a business page rather than a personal page. This allows the follower to “like” your page toand  see updates and new information. A business page offers tools to help promote your business that a personal page doesn’t offer.

Second, be sure to add a catchy and interesting cover photo that will attract new customers, such as customers enjoying your business. Also, be sure to add a profile picture that distinctly demonstrates what your business is. This may be your logo or one of your products.

Third, include valuable information in your “about” section. When interested customers visit your page, the first place they will likely look to find information is your “about” section. This is found on the left side of the page. Information to include is a description of your business and what services you offer, the hours you are open, your phone number and your location.

Fourth, there is no rule to how often you should post on Facebook, but the goal is to prioritize quality, not quantity. Posts should be interesting, eye-catching and provide valuable information to the reader. Take the time to create one good post rather than posting multiple, less informative ones. Ideas of what posts could consist of are:

  • Photos of customers enjoying your business
  • Event promotions
  • Photos of your business/company
  • Updated information, such as Holiday deals or a change in your hours

Fifth, consider your audience when selecting a time to post on Facebook. Typically, the ideal time to post is during the afternoon. If your business is booming on the weekends, posting during the middle of the week is a good time to get your customers thinking about their plans for the weekend.

The key idea to utilizing Facebook to better market your business is to keep customers updated and informed about what you have to offer. The more information you have readily available at their fingertips in an appealing manner, the more willing they will be to come check out your business. The main take-away of using Facebook to promote your business is to make your page user friendly!


- Emily Blum, Communications Intern