National Farm Toy Museum

National Farm Toy Museum family fun!Current Exhibits Collectors Showcase: Bernie Kluesner’s Wooden Marvels Bernie Kluesner's entire collection of handmade wooden toys features some of the most detailed and intricate woodworking replicas in the hobby. Starting in 1994, Bernie has created over 53 toys to date with over 14,162 individual pieces, including over 186 wheels. Constructed with only Elmers Wood Glue and not a single nail or screw! These miniature works of art are indeed a must see! Manufacturing Showcases: New Heights: Fordson to New Holland In a unique display that showcases an entire brand’s agricultural legacy in miniature, the National Farm Toy Museum presents New Heights: Fordson to New Holland. Displaying over 300 farm toy replicas and just as many collectible items, this display has something to interest everyone. This exhibit enhances and intrigues visitors to revisit past tractor memories, like learning to drive on a Ford 8N and explore the modern Three Hubley Toy Tractorstechnology that continues to amaze like New Holland’s NH2 Hydrogen Powered tractor. Other features you do not want to miss include two full-size farm tractors, an original New Holland No-Freeze engine and so much more! So don’t miss your chance to learn a little about these amazing machines and the companies behind them. 100 Years of John Deere Tractors (upper level) The National Farm Toy Museum is excited to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of John Deere’s entrance into the tractor business, via the history of farm toys! This exhibit will showcase the 100-year evolution of the iconic green and yellow tractors with realistic miniature replicas. Time does indeed fly when you are having fun and getting the hard work done. Toy Shows The Museum hosts two toy shows every year. The Summer Farm Toy Show in June (7 & 8, 2019) and the National Farm Toy Show in November (1-3, 2019).

1110 16th Ave Ct SE
Dyersville, IA 52040
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Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 6 PM, Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM
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