Puffer Roske Farms

Puffer Roske Farms is a veteran-run business. We grow sustainably-raised produce without the use of herbicides and pesticides. We also raise bees for honey, pastured meat birds, and free-range laying chickens. The farm is located northeast of Iowa Falls at the junction of HWY 65, HWY 57, and S-45. In 2016, Charlie Puffer retired from the United States Air Force and the family returned to Iowa Falls to start Puffer Roske Farms. The first year we grew three acres of produce and five acres of pasture. Charlie often chuckled as massive farm equipment came to a dead stop on the road and observed what Charlie and Lonya were doing. Everyone was talking about that “Crazy farmer on the corner!” In 2022 the farm will be expanded to 38 acres in addition to several high tunnel greenhouses. We offer a wide variety of vegetables that change with the season. We have strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry patches. We also have an asparagus patch. In addition to our farm store, we open our fields to U-pick for green bean and tomatoes. In the fall, we have a giant pumpkin patch that has a wide variety of pumpkins and gourds. We also sell decorative corn. Farm tours are available throughout the season. Puffer Roske Farms also works with several schools in the surrounding area to help kids learn about where food comes from.

The sunset over Puffer Roske Farm High Tunnel green houses and fields.

10042 HWY S45
10042 County Road S-45
Iowa Falls, IA 50126
(402) 885-0929
Cash Accepted, Check Accepted, Credit Card Accepted, Group Tours, Fun on the farm