Sleeping with the Cows... Would You?

April 30, 2019

Clarksville, Iowa - Would you sleep with cows? Yes?  No? Maybe, if you had a comfy bed and a private bathroom?  Sounds like New Day Dairy Bed & Breakfast located north-west of Waverly, Iowa, near Clarksville, scheduled to open this summer.New Day Dairy

Iowa is known for agriculture - not adventure travel. With farmers making up less than 2% of the American population, and dairy farmers being an even smaller percentage, that could be changing.

When millennials travel they want unique, yet authentic and local, experiences you can't find at the office or down the street. Holidays are no longer spent "back on the farm". Families are generations removed from the land and animals that provide them food.

Ultimately, we all eat food - our common thread, while still weaving a diverse tapestry.  The source of that food isn't the supermarket - it's the farm. Visiting the farm or staying the night on the farm acquaints you  with your daily food in a new way. If you are looking for a "farm stay" today, don't look in Iowa. Iowa has many rural Bed & Breakfasts but none reveal a real working farm.

Dan and Lynn Bolin are changing that by opening New Day Dairy Bed & Breakfast this summer. Attached to their dairy barn, the B&B features 2 large cow gazing windows in the common loft area. Each of the three bedrooms has a private attached bathroom. A kitchen & dining area finish out the space.

Be one of the first to book a room via Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding platform for creative entrepreneurial projects. Intrigued & inspired but don't need a room? Check out other rewards offered for contributing to finishing and furnishing the B&B. Name a calf or one of the rooms, attended the Grand Opening Ice Cream Social, grab some cheese, or even host a private Farm to Table dinner.

May 13th is the last day to pledge support and the Bolin's only receive funds to finish the project if it's 100% funded.  Lynn Bolin, a city turned dairy farm girl, says, "For us hosting a Kickstarter campaign is about more than raising money. We're raising a new experience - one that will connect folks from city & country and give people an understanding of where their food comes from by creating a space like nothing else."

For more information check out and from there to their Kickstarter page for more project information and to grab your reward.

If you would like more information, please call Lynn Bolin at 319-529-3421 or e-mail at

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