Trapple Orchard

Trapple Orchard is located south of River Sioux, Iowa (I-29, exit 95) between Omaha, Nebraska and Sioux City, Iowa. Public U-pick operations – began in 2015. With 450 fruit trees and 20 varieties, we offer apples (Honeycrisp, Jonathan, Delicious, Granny Smith and others), pears, cherries, plums, apricots, peaches and berries. Harrison county boasts to have some of Iowa’s most numerous and plentiful orchards. Area seasonal activities include spring mushroom hunting, summer berry picking, and fall apple harvesting at one of the county’s bountiful orchards. Outdoor attractions include hiking Loess Hills state forest, biking scenic byways, and fishing the Little Sioux or Missouri Rivers. Fun year-round, plan your next outdoor adventure to our area.

1377 145th St.
Little Sioux, IA 51545
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