Walker Homestead

WE ARE A FARMER’S TABLE, GARDENS, AN ORCHARD, A VINEYARD, A PASTURE PLAYGROUND. In pursuit of an agricultural educational experience for students of all ages, we provide a small venue fit for special life celebrations and everyday blessings. We are situated on an 85-acre farm, producing a variety of foods and wines, raising animals and honey, and growing herbs and flowers using techniques that protect the environment and help foster the development of healthy living. OUR VISION: A BOUNDLESS VENUE FOR AGRICULTURAL AND CULINARY DELIGHT Walker Homestead has humble roots that began with five acres and a vision for a little bit of Napa in the Iowa countryside. After a few years of small scale farming and collaboration with local chef, Chris Grebner, owner of Farmer’s Table and Provender, we expanded our property to include the neighboring 80-acres of land. This growth fostered a friendship with Shanti Sellz, owner of Muddy Miss Farms, that has allowed us to host a four-acre organic garden. Working alongside neighbor Dennis Hebl and friend Andrew Roers, we entered into the new frontier of homesteading alongside friends. We are committed to being stewards of the land, to promoting appreciation for farm life, fresh foods, good wines and culinary sensations. We are a community who takes great joy in gathering together to celebrate the bounty of a fresh harvest. This is our starting point and our story thus far. Get in touch at info@walker-homestead.com and come see us, just 3 miles west of Iowa City.

Walker Homestead Winery, Vineyard and Farm

3867 James Ave SW
Iowa City, IA 52246
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Cash Accepted, Check Accepted, Credit Card Accepted, Restrooms, Handicap Access, Motorcoach/Bus Access, Group Tours, Food/Restaurant, Kitchen and Laundry, Fun on the farm, Barn Rental