Person holding tablet as people with baskets full of fruit and vegetables walk towards them.

Whether your agritourism destination includes livestock, food, seasonal activities, or farm stays, a successful marketing plan will expand your customer base and ultimately lead to additional revenue. This article will give you 5 steps to help improve your farm marketing.

Tomatoes and green beans in baskets for purchase.

How can a vegetable farmer know which crops are profitable enough to keep growing? Can marketing costs be analyzed by sales channel? They can with the right enterprise budgets. Learn more in this article. 

Visitors can learn to milk a goat and sample goat gelato at Honey Creek Creamery.

Previous issues of the Visit Iowa Farms newsletter highlighted the first three steps a business must take to provide excellent service to its customers. The final steps are: step four, Make it SATISFYING, and step five, Make it MEMORABLE.

Ajay Nair speaking to a group of people in a field.

The fruit and vegetable research taking place at Iowa State University’s Horticulture Research Station will be on full display for the Fruit and Vegetable Field Day Aug. 5.

Child holding out food in hands to a goat.

To help ensure their operation is following best practices, a group of agritourism experts with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has put together six checklists that cover the many types of liability an owner may face.

Flooding in a vegetable field.

Depending upon the severity of flooding growers could experience saturated soils, nutrient leaching, deficiencies, and above all limited oxygen for plant growth. In addition to flooding, frequent rain events have saturated the soil leaving little room for air.

Hand washing signage.

Whether you operate a family farm or an agritourism destination, farm signage and labels are critical to your operation. Signage is designed to keep your family, farm workers, and visitors safe and informed. If your agritourism destination contains livestock, playground equipment, machinery or food sales, signs are a necessity.

Tractor and wagon in field at Colony Pumpkin Patch in North Liberty, Iowa.

Google’s annual Economic Impact Report features one business from 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. In their 2018 report, released today, the featured Iowa business is North Liberty's Colony Pumpkin Patch.

Dairy cow at New Day Dairy.

Would you sleep with cows? Yes?  No? Maybe, if you had a comfy bed and a private bathroom?  Sounds like New Day Dairy Bed & Breakfast located north-west of Waverly, Iowa, near Clarksville, scheduled to open this summer Iowa's First Authentic “Farm Stay” Bed & Breakfast To Open on Central Iowa Dairy Farm

Strawberry plant surrounded by hay with small white blooms.

Weeds compete with small fruit plants for the elements needed to grow and produce fruit, which means gardeners need to be diligent about weed control. Horticulturists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach provide weed control options for gardeners with strawberries, raspberries and vineyards.